Friday, January 22, 2016

St. Paul's Cathedral

 By: Anna Hurley
View of St. Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge
A view of Shakespeare's Globe Theater and Millennium Bridge from the top of the dome! 

The front entrance of St. Paul's Cathedral
The group was first introduced to St. Paul's Cathedral from afar.  As we crossed the Millennium Bridge, walking back toward the main part of the city, St. Paul's is lined up perfectly.  The size of the dome, even from far away can take your breath away.  A few days later, we finally got the chance to tour St. Paul’s Cathedral and the views just kept getting better! When we first got the cathedral I was unaware that within its framework are over 500 steps that you to the OUTSIDE of the dome! Yes, I walked up all 528 steps to get what I feel was the best view you can get of London, on the “Golden Gallery” which is 85 meters above the floor of the cathedral. 
            From the top of the dome, you can see so many landmarks and historic places.  We were fortunate that the tour of St. Paul’s was at the end of our trip, because we were able to point out almost all of the other buildings and places we had seen previously.  For me, my favorite part was realizing how close in proximity nearly all the main tourist attractions are, and how much more there is to London than Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace.  Another note on the stairs, if you are afraid of heights, I suggest you don’t look down!

From the top!
            London itself is a marvelous city, after being there for eight days I think I could have stayed for at least another two months and still found wonder and surprise!  I have traveled to several of the largest cities in the United States such as New York City and Las Angelis and after a few days there I am about ready to come home; that was not the case with London.  London was by far the cleanest city I have been to, I feel as though it was also very safe. Not at any point in my trip did I feel as though I was not safe or that I should be on extra high alert, and that is defiantly not true to a lot of cities.  The public transport was also very clean, safe, and well organized.  Their “Tube” is our subway, and it was very easy to follow.  There were several points in our endeavors that we did not have an exact plan on how to get home, but the way that the Tube system is laid out makes traveling across the city simple and fast and much appreciated by myself! If you ever get the chance to visit this BEAUTIFUL city, GO!! You will not regret it! 
Selfie from the top of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral!

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