Friday, January 22, 2016

Mount Mercy - British Literature and Culture

During our time in London we had the opportunity to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We had a tour guide, who was very informing and helpful. He was also hilarious, which I believe, made the tour so much more enjoyable. The Globe was very interesting and had a lot to offer for Shakespeare lovers.

            I believed the best thing about the Globe was actually getting the background of how the plays worked. To begin, all the actors were male in Shakespeare’s time. The actors were also thought to be criminals, and no one believed women could be criminals. This seemed odd since all Shakespeare’s plays have some tragic love-story death at the end. Young boys, who had not yet reached puberty, played all the woman characters. The young boys were dressed up in wigs, make up, and costumes. The finest wigs in those days were made out of horse’s hair. The make-up they had to put on their faces was made from oil. Thank goodness that isn’t the case anymore.

            What do you think of when going to a play? Whatever you are imagining is not what was happening in the Globe Theatre back in the day. Plays were not the same at all! Whores were allowed in for gentlemen. Beer was served and everyone drank it until drunk. Poor smelly “penny stinkers” would have been the ones standing. Plays were considered not exactly a high-class entertainment in Shakespeare’s period. This was very interesting news to me. Shakespeare’s Globe was fantastic to see and I would recommend having a tour guide walk you through. I learned so much more about the history and it wasn’t the boring history out of a textbook.

Traveling has opened my eyes to many things. Everyone’s culture is very different. I have learned to respect my own culture more. I also would love to continue learning about other countries because I want more history about the world. I found the history part of our travels to be very interesting.

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