Friday, May 23, 2014

Golfing at St. Andrews!

What an exciting day! Our trip at St. Andrews began with a visit to the Old Course Hotel. This hotel sets itself apart by maintaing a prestigious title as a five Red Star AA Inspectors Choice Hotel. Essentially, this is the highest rating a hotel can attain. In our first presentation at the hotel we learned about how important it is for guests to feel as if they are home when at the hotel and how to satisfy the most odd or difficult "unrequested requests". The staff recognizes the importance of communication and asking questions to get to know their guests on a personal level. To use this in practice, the staff will take note if a guest has recently graduated and the entire staff will go out of there way to congratulate the recent grad if they come across them.  This is important because it will improve the guests experience and generate positive word of mouth about the hotel, which is important for maintaining a grand title.

Photo below is a group shot after the presentation and tour of the Old Course Hotel:

After the presentation we ate lunch at One Golf Place, which is practically on the doorstep of the famous St. Andrews Old Course.

Later on we had a private behind the scenes tour of the St. Andrews Golf Academy. It was interesting to learn about the custom services the academy provides to improve one's golf game. Students also enjoyed a private guided tour of the Old Course. Even though the course has achieved high status and is known for being the place where golf was invented, it is a private golf course that does not even have a dress code.

Photos below are of the golf course:

The highlight of the trip for the students at St. Andrews was having the opportunity to hit golf balls at the St. Andrews Gold Academy. This is something that the students will remember for the rest of their lives.

Photos below are of students hitting golf balls at St. Andrews:

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