Wednesday, May 22, 2013

University of Memphis LSON: Musée Pasteur

Bonsoir!! (I love saying this in an overly excited French accent--so fun!)

Today has been a super busy day! The first event on today's agenda was to go tour Trousseau in Paris, France. This was one of my favorite tours of the trip so far! The staff was so accommodating and nice! I would love to say more, but there is a student who wants to blog about this so there's no need to blog about it twice, though I will provide a few pictures of the hospital. 

The other tour of the day was the tour of the Pasteur Museum. Louis Pasteur was a scientist who made many tremendous discoveries, such as vaccinations for rabies. The museum was his apartment and it was fascinating to be able to tour Louis Pasteur's home. The home contained so many paintings by Pasteur himself, like portraits of his parents that are hanging on the wall in his room. It is extraordinary since he was only thirteen years old when he painted it! I loved seeing the rooms and the crypt downstairs in the museum. Pasteur's home was beautiful and it was truly an honor to be able to tour the place!

The last part of the day was spent touring a museum on our own and shopping in the fabulous Galleria Lafayette and Printemps Mall! Of course, it was another day of painful feet from walking everywhere, but it's an experience that is worth all the pain! Loving the trip so far! Below are some pictures from today! My apologies for some of the blurry pictures! -Christy

Waiting room in Trousseau Hospital

Pasteur's father

Pasteur's Mother

Ceiling in the crypt of the Pasteur Museum

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