Thursday, January 21, 2016

Westminster Abbey

 Westminster Abbey to me was my favorite part of the trip. This abbey was beautiful in every way, the structure, windows, high ceilings, the meaning to the building and everything that it represents. Being able to be in such a beautiful place where Kings and Queen were coronated and also buried shows us every aspect of their culture. I was able to see every inch of that abbey and how the steps were sunken down by how many people have walked those same footsteps, and how long that place has been there. This abbey goes back years and years with so much history under every stone and burial. So many important figures in England’s culture are buried there and to be able to see all this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing where the first unknown warrior came from and seeing the burial place for him is amazing. Also how no one is allowed to walk on it when every other burial you can, this really shows the respect that this abbey holds.
          This abbey was also the location where the Royal Wedding took place and being able to see everything I saw on the television in person was amazing. I was in awe with everything I saw, all I could do was picture the wedding and how there were so many people there and this event was so outstanding in their culture. Being there and thinking about the Royal Wedding all I could do was picture my wedding too. Seeing Westminster Abbey was like a fairytale to me, I felt like a little kid in a candy store because this place is beautiful on the inside and outside. Seeing Westminster Abbey definitely has changed me and the way I see things. Being able to see such a beautiful building has let me understand architecture in a different way than here in the states. England’s building are rich with history and here they only hold offices and perfect glass windows. If I could ever go back to London Westminster Abbey will definitely be on my itinerary and I will show everyone else I go with the beautiful abbey it is and all the history this place holds.
Blog By: Jeisarely Zepeda 

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