Friday, January 22, 2016

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

By: Megan Mulholland

I remember when I was five years old and my Aunt took me to the movie theater not knowing who Harry Potter was. After that day I fell in love with the story. Every year I would be excited for the next Harry Potter Movie to come out. Going to England, I knew that the studio in which the movie was filmed was there but I had no idea I would have the chance to experience this one in a lifetime thing. I will never forget all the things I saw in England but one of the best days of my life was going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan like me and many of my classmates, I highly recommend taking some time to go. As we walked into the studio, I had goosebumps. I saw every prop you can imagine in the studio, from the snitch that they used in quittage to the outfits they wore in every scene. It was magical walking by parts of the set and thinking that all of the actors have been here.
The entrance gates into Hogwarts 
Along with all the props, sets, and clothing, each area had fun facts about how they did something in a scene. One example of this would be that even though the actor who played Harry Potter grew, his bed remained the same, the camera angles were made to have the bed look bigger than it was.We then were able to walk around in the Hogwarts Express and see different movies filmed in it. After the train, we went to have some lunch and they had one of the best things I have tasted.....butterbeer. After lunch, we walked outside and saw huge icons in the movie such as Privet Drive where Harry lived before he went to Hogwarts and the Night Bus that was used in the third movie. As you go to the next area of the tour, you get to see all the animatronics such as the spider and Hedwig that were used. As you continue to walk, you find yourself in the walkway of Diagon Alley. All of the stores Harry went to buy his books and wands. The final part of the tour was the most magical because you were given the chance to see Hogwarts and it is truly breath taking. As you walk around, you are able to see all angles and the detail they put into the making of it.
Studying abroad was an experience I will never forget. Not just going to the Harry Potter studio, but everything else I was able to see and experience in England was truly amazing. Along with all of these great places I got to see, I made some memories and friends. You grow up reading about what England is like and develop a stereotype about it so when you are able to actually see it all for yourself, it is truly an experience. Going on this trip taught me about myself that I love to travel and want to continue traveling but it also taught me to grab every opportunity you can. Traveling has helped me to learn to much about myself and a culture. I learned that their can always be boundaries in other cultures and it gave a true insight into how people who study in America feel. I would do this again and I advise anyone who is considering to study abroad to do it. 

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