Thursday, May 15, 2014

Safety and Security!!!

2 Day until departure!!!

The number one priority is safety! Seems like a basic statement - I know. However, in the midst of excitement it is easy to lose yourself. Don't worry I have a solution...drum roll please. NEVER
go anywhere ALONE. What does alone mean? If you are not traveling with a program participant that sat with you through the NINE hour plane ride, you are ALONE. If Liam Neeson is your father then naturally you're exempt from this of course.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Find out your blood type if you haven't already done so. (no explanation necessary)
  • Make copies of your passport, debit card and credit card. (If these items are misplaced or stolen you will be glad you did)
  • Learn how to say simple things such as hello and thank you. (They know you are a language butchering American...It's the effort that counts. Don"t assume they should know YOUR language in THEIR country)


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