Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Lucerne, Switzerland

For our first visit of the day we went to The Eichhof Brauerei in Lucerne. We were given a tour of the brewery along with an explanation of how beer is made and their efforts to use green practices. The Eichhof Brauerei has a system in which they reuse their bottles up to 60 times. The brewery uses the left over malt to feed pigs. They really use everything to its maximum potential which is very common here in Europe.

Schweizerhof Hotel
We left the brewery and went to our second visit at the Schweizerhof Hotel. Schweizerhof a fifth generation owned and operated hotel. The hotel is built on a lake that is filled in with dirt and tree trunks. The hotel has had various renovations throughout the years. Many of the rooms in the hotel are protected, which mean they can not be renovated without permission. Afterwards we ha FREE TIME!!

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