Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lake Como Tour!! - Bellagio

Lake Como 
Today we went on tour of Lake Como with Daniella. Lake Como is over 1,000 feet deep. The entire lake is  surrounded by mountains and large private villas owned by various famous people such as Versache and George Clooney. Our tour guide, Daniella pointed out all the famous villas and locations - she showed us the location of John Legend's recent wedding.
As a group we crossed the lake and got off in Bellagio. In Bellagio we bought gellatto, sandwiches, lasagna, ravioli and items made of silk.

 The winery 
After the boat ride, we went to a beautiful winery near the top of a pretty high hill. I don't want to speak for everyone when I say that the hike was well worth it. However, in my opinion it was well worth it! There was a beautiful view topped with a three course meal and wine tasting.

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