Wednesday, May 21, 2014



After driving all morning we final arrived in Beautiful Figueres Spain. I'm aware that I call everything Beautiful. However, everything is truly Beautiful. Figueres is a quiet city famously known as the birth place and burial grounds for Slavador Dali.

We spent sometime looking through the museums beautiful artwork.

Olive Oil Mill

After taking in the beautiful sights in the city Figueres, Spain we visited a family owned olive mill in southern France. While there we were able to learn about the processes used to harvest olives and Ivan, one of the mills employees, taught us how to produce olive oil and allowed us to taste the different varieties produced their at the mill.

Olive Oils produced at the mill earned gold and silver medals 

Olive Oil Jelly

Students sampling different varieties of Olive Oil

A city with roughly 19,000 people Avignon is home to historic popes palace and the subject of a childhood song known all over Europe. Our group arrived here late Tuesday evening to enjoy dinner on their own and tour the city.

Pope's Castle

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