Saturday, May 24, 2014

Enjoying London!

Students started their day with a trip on the Tube to reach their first activity at The Goring Hotel. The hotel neighbors the Buckingham Palace and has close ties to the royal family. The hotel’s icon is a sheep because the queen gave a sheep foot chair as a present to the founder of the hotel. The guests love the sheep foot chair and eventually stuffed animal sheeps were put on every guests bed. 

Photos below are from The Goring Hotel (notice the sheep on a guest's bed): 

After our tour of the The Goring Hotel students grabbed lunch in the area. Our next activity of the day was to meet at the London School of Hospitality and Tourism. Students enjoyed a guest lecture by one of the professors at the school, David Froskett. It was interesting to learn about the range of courses offered in hospitality at this university, especially since some students are considering furthering their education after achieving their undergrad. According to the professor, airline and airport management is the most popular concentration for the students attending the university. Overall, it was very informative because we were able to learn about the significance of the role of hospitality and tourism in the UK’s economy.

The night ended with students seeing a hit musical, Jersey Boys, at a theatre in London. The musical was hilarious and enjoyed by our group. The story was about how a group of musicians rose to become a popular band that ended up in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Experiencing culture events like this has been immensely enriching for the students experience in London. 

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