Saturday, July 20, 2013

Germany Sustainability Trip - Day One

By: Janna

Monday 6/10/13:

Our first business trip in Germany!

Among what we learned at Siemens, one of the most memorable was the shoe cleaner- none of us were expecting that. As soon as we walked into the production building, we stepped on a moving piece of floor that served the purpose of cleaning shoes- better for maintaining sanitary working conditions. Speaking of working conditions, most of Siemens sustainable practices were in the form of social sustainability. The company has within the facilities a day care, in which a certain number of spots are reserved for the children of Siemens employees, as well as a sports center where employees can work off stress. Within the production building were smoking stations and plants as well as a great many windows, all of which contribute to creating a more pleasant and enjoyable working atmosphere. While I can’t say I consider the smoking area a good idea, it can be argued to be accommodating of employees who are going to smoke anyway. Another, more company-wide, practice is the film used in the making of components, of which the excess goes to recycling. Considering how many components they make, that’s a lot of film that gets recycled.

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