Wednesday, May 29, 2013

University Medical Center Freiburg

Freiburg was a very unique experience for the entire group from Memphis.  We met up with two other nursing students from Georgia Southern and then went to the nursing school to learn about the German healthcare system and the German nursing system.  After introductions from the staff from Freiburg university, we listened to one of the instructors as she described the German healthcare system and a nurses role in the care process of patients in Germany.  After the lecture, as a group we exchanged questions between the German nursing students present in the room. After questions from nursing school curriculum in the US and Germany to challenges in nursing we broke into the individual groups. I was the lone American and male in my group! The German students in my group were very interested in our paying for education and future career options that nurses in America enjoy.  This unique experience allowed us as a group to from bonds with nursing students from around the world.


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