Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tower/Westminster Abbey/Parliament

We've had an interesting first couple of days in London. Yesterday we had our lecture at the London School of Economics on national identity, state formation, underdeveloped nations & the problems they face in developing successful economies. Then, after lunch, it was on to the Tower of London! We had the same great guide as last year. All the students enjoyed seeing the formidable structure and learning about its even more formidable history. It was interesting to see students reactions to learning what "hanging, drawing, & quartering" meant! I told them that's what we would do to any student who was late so Tony - watch out!

I can back to my room to a rude surprise - raw sewage in my room! Yuck! Had to change rooms for the night.

Today it was off to Westminster Abbey & House of Parliament. Always a great day! There is so much history & beauty in Westminster Abbey & so much history, beauty & ceremony in Parliament. One of my favorite parts is seeing the Queen's Robing Room. Yes, that's right....the Queen's Robing Room. This is a large room, filled with priceless paintings, furnished with a small throne like chair that is used for about 20 minutes a year when the Queen goes before Parliament to give (or read as its always referred to as it is written for her) her State of the Union address. The royal robes are put on her in this room & that's all it's used for! She gave this speech recently so there were some items such as Prince Charles' chair out that rarely get to be seen.

Several of us had planned to ride the London Eye afterwards but once we saw
A) how much it cost
B) the lines
C) how much it cost
D) how slow it was and
E) the cost
No one rode it.

This evening Professor Kaelberer, Nick, Tony, Kiki, & myself went & had some good grilled chicken & even better conversation!

Tomorrow is a free day & we are doing several different things. Nick to a football (that's soccer for the uninitiated) game,several of us to various museums that we won't be seeing on our schedule, some to the Changing of the Guard, & probably some sleeping!

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