Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 17, 2013- Saint-Loup Nursing Home

Hello all, today we went to Saint-loup. This nursing home has to be THE BEST nursing home I have seen so far. It was also very clean! There are about four floors and each floor has one nurse and two nursing assistants (if I remember correctly). This facility has an extremely nice spa room that is used for therapy. It is phenomenal. I wish I had my camera to take pictures. This place also has a room that is like a hair and nail salon. It is a nice touch for the residents.

The facility costs about 400 CHF/ day. The facility provides individualized interventions for their patients. Each floor is a different color to remind patients which floor they're on in case they forget. The staff has special training to gain knowledge on how what interventions to implement in that case of dementia patients. The facility also addressed the question of death. It is very patient-centered at this facility and they want to create a place of living, not death. Overall, I enjoyed this visit and the visit with the elderly in the end was a nice experience. There was an elderly lady who served us when we were supposed to help serve them! She was so insistent. That was special. Until next time! -Christy

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