Sunday, May 19, 2013

Buenos Dias,

It's day 2 here in Barcelona and we've seen some breathtaking architecture! We started our day with a tour of the "La Sagrada Familia" which was led by local tour guide, Carlos, who was very knowledgable on how the Basilica was built and its rich history. After our tour, we were off for some lunch in the surrounding areas near the La Sagrada Familia. Breaking up into several groups, we searched for local dining to enjoy before heading off to our next adventure.
Each one of us had the option to go explore a tourist destination to research the venue and discover how it ranks amongst tourist. Some of the options included the Parc Guell, Barcelona Zoo, or taking a cable car above the port with Monte Juic Cable Car company. Each destination highlights the different parts Barcelona has to offer.

That's it for now as we have an early wake-up call for day 3! Enjoy some pictures of the day below!


From the Parc Guell

La Sagrada Familia

View from the top of an old bull fighting arena.
Lunch at the Plaze Gaudi

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